Saturday, July 28, 2007


Build hours: 70
The horizontal stab inboard and outboard doublers were cut from .040 6061. The doublers were drilled with 3/32" pilot holes for rivets and the 1/4" stab bolts. The doublers were then formed on a 3" PVC pipe to conform to the bulkhead F radius.
The first siderail was time consuming because the plywood had to be trimmed multiple times to arrive at the correct radius. (see note) The bending process goes quickly and took every large clamp available. It seems you can never have to many clamps.
Plan note:
The plans indicate a 104" radius for the siderail plywood form. A 52" radius (half of the 104" indicated?) was used to get the desired bend after springback. Well... the plans said the plywood may need to be trimmed:)

The blank angle was loaded and the arc center of the siderail and the form was aligned.

Multiple clamps were used to keep the angle from twisting and raising the form.

Note the amount of springback after the siderail is bent and released.

An for the final results.

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