Monday, July 23, 2007

Bulkheads on beam

Build hours: 54
Center lines were snapped on the beam with a chalkline and plugs of 2x4 were cut and installed in each end of the beam. Bulkhead "F" was attached to the end of the beam with a 1/4" lag screw and secured from rotation with 2 additional wood screws. The bulkhead positions were measured and marked all the way around the beam and the bulkhead supports were attached checking for square, plumb, perpendicular etc!

The bulkheads were then secured in position with C clamps. Sounds simple but a lot of effort went into the alignment of the bulkheads with double checks on all measurements.

Lastly, an alignment tool was made from some scrap Al tube and PVC for positioning of the pushrod guides for installation. The guides have been drilled and clecoed in place.

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