Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wing Center Trims

Build Hours: 917

The trims are a real challenge. We can't decide if we should admire Morry (the designer) or shoot Morry for creating these nice fairings. They are a real metal working challenge and we are still working on the front trim.

Plan Note: The plans indicate 6061-T6 for all of the trims. The front trim requires too much stretching to made from 6061-T6 IMHO. My hat is off to you if you made your trim from 6061!. We are trying 6063-T52 from Lowe's right now and Rick has had some success wrestling it into shape. We may have to back down to 5052-T4 or 3003 from Spruce/Wicks before the trim is completed.

Top Rear Trim

Top Middle Trim

Top Front Trim

Bottom Trim Installed

Top Trims Installed

Wing Center Trailing Edge

Build Hours: 901

We have completed the center section trailing edges. The trailing edge ribs were cut according to the plans but had to be adjusted to fit our rear spars by about 3/32"

Next, the required pattern was made for the trailing edge skins.

These are the original cuts we made to finish the inside edges. Later, more material had to be removed to allow the bottom trim to lay as flat as possible. The trailing edge, trim and fuselage do not lay in the same plane.

The installed trailing edges.