Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rudder 1

Build hours: 357

Sometimes things workout (see tailcones) and sometimes they don't. The rudder with the rounded leading edge looks great but we slipped up and built a twist into the rudder just like the plans warn. A new spar and ribs have been manufactured and as soon as some new skin material arrives we will replace the rudder and move forward.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Build hours: 345

Just spent an entire work session forming the tailcone. Four cardboard patterns and 1 aluminum trial and we're still fidgeting with it. We're attempting to create a pinched tailcone instead of the normal "jet exhaust" tailcone.

After taking a break, the final tailcones were made. Here are the pictures of the end result.

The tailcone model or which end is this?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Elevator hardware

Build hours: 333
Rough skins for the remaining elevators were cut and flat 4130 parts for the elevator and rudder control horns were cut.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Elevator construction

Build hours: 332

There is not a layout for the elevators in the plans!?

A rough skin for the elevator, with plenty of excess, was layed out and trimmed from a sheet of 6061 .016. The center line was folded as far as possible in the brake and then moved to two hinged 2"x4"s to complete the bend. An 1/8" wooden dowel was taped into the crease to maintain the bend radius before closing the bend in the 2"x4"s. The ribs were riveted to the top with temporary aluminum rivets then the elevator was flipped and the skin was drilled for the other side of the ribs. The skin was marked at the rib ends returned to the brake again for the hinge flanges. The flanges were temporarily riveted. The elevator was positioned on the stab an the hinge halves were taped to the elevator with strapping tape. The hinge pins were removed and the elevator was drilled for the hinges.

The elevator can be simple to construct as long as you base the construction on the top of the elevator otherwise the angles and taper can get you!

Plan note:

The plans suggest using a shim under the outboard rib of the elevator during construction to avoid building a twist into the elevator. The kit manual mentions building on the top and use some temporary alumium rivets during the construction. The temporary rivets is much easier.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Horz stab completion

Build hours: 321

The horizontal stabs are complete. This shows the elevator hinges being aligned with a steel wall stud.

A piece of .062 lexan was used for the 2.5" inspection holes. 6-32 nutplates were riveted to the lexan to secure the inspection plate. By removing 3 screws and loosening the fourth, the inspection plate can be rotated for access to the stab bolts. The lexan covers were installed before closing but could have been rolled and inserted through the hole at a later time.