Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wing Tip

Build Hours: 1101

A few preparations for installing the wingtips.
Set the spacing on the wingtip aft rib.

We made a pattern from 1/4" Luan plywood the followed the wing rib profile. The plans pattern did not line up properly. The angles were also used to make sure we didn't droop the skins in the process.

As always, a form is needed for forming the tip.
The first attempt was a form without flute positions. We formed the edges, removed the tip and then began the fluting process. The outcome was a very warped tip with unsightly fluting depressions.

The second attempt was to notch and bend the tip. The notches made the tip very floppy and difficult to fit and peaked out from under the skins at every opportunity.
We had the best success with the third method. We made fluting positions every inch around the form (except on the bottom from the spar position back). With the tip formed and fluted, it is much easier to fit.

(Add tip skinning and finish pictures here!)

Weighing the completed wing - tip and aileron attached - 29lbs.