Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Engine candidate

A 32hp 1/2 VW came across Barnstormers so it was purchased with the optimism that eventually there will be a completed UC to hang it on, otherwise it becomes an addition to this fancy aluminum planter we're working on! The shipping crate will be turned into a temporary engine stand so the engine can be run and checked for leaks, performance, etc.

Canopy frame

Build hours: 422

The plans note that JB Weld can be used to fill in cupping caused during bending. Filling the tubes with sand seemed to eliminate any cupping. and also prevented any tendency to kink or collapse the tube. Also, bulkhead E was used instead of bulkhead F (per the plans) to produce a smoother radius.

We are now waiting on the canopies before proceeding.

Plan note:

The canopy bows should not be bent or cut without the canopy on hand. There are several dimensional disrepancies in the plans (surprise!) and the bow patterns are too short. Oh well, always remember - PBER (Prior Building Experience Recommended) - or ohcrap for short!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Control horn and tailwheel welding

Build hours: 416
Logging more build hours. The welding is done so all that is left to the control horns and tailspring is to bead blast and paint!

Finished the painting and here they are!