Friday, June 22, 2007

Bulkhead templates prepared

Build hours: 4
So it has been a few days since the last post. No, we haven't given up already! The bulkhead templates have been copied, cut and pasted to poster board to create a firm template. It was a real treat to create individual bulkheads out of the plans which have all the bulkhead outlines intertwined on 2 pages. In the hopes to document each step I will attach some pictures.

Also, after debating to buy or build some type of bending brake with shop space at a premium and budget to consider, I took a shot at building one. The 48" brake was built from red oak 1x4s, a piano hinge and a piece of steel angle from Lowes for approx. 40$. The brake bent a 45" piece of 2024-T3 .016 with no problem. The brake appears to be suited for the task.

Coming soon - bulkhead forming...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tools Used

Tool List Updated 8/29/2007
Hand Tools:
14" Andy Snips (Malco MC14N - this size is really needed on the .040 matl)
10" Tin Snips (Wiss)
10" Fine File
Countersink - small hole deburring and rivet countersinking
(100 degree required for AN countersunk rivets)
( 120 degree for Cherry-Lok countersunk blind rivets)
Deburring Tool - large hole deburring
Homemade 48" Leaf Brake
Homemade 17" Heavy Duty Leaf Brake
Dead Blow Hammers (Harbor Freight)
Cleco Pliers
Power Tools:
Drill Press
Dewalt 12V Drill
Band Saw - cut out bulkhead forms, could have used jigsaw
JigSaw - cut out bulkhead forms
Belt Sander - cleanup bulkhead forms
Air Tools:
Air Nibbler - rough cut inside bulkhead patterns
Air Riveter for blind rivets - Harbor Freight
Air Drill - good for tight spaces
Air Angle Drill - good for tighter spaces
Air Hammer - can be used for riveting on the cheap
(A model with 3000 bpm or less should be used)
Rivet Gun - ATS 2x from Aircraft Spruce
(because I want to be a REAL airplane builder:))
1/8", 3/16", 1/4" drill bits
Unibit/Step Drill
1 1/4" hole saw
1 1/2" hole saw
6" Vise
2" C Clamps - 16+
4" C Clamps - 4+
Batting gloves
Sharpie Ultra Fine Pens
(Red shows up the best, also, it doesn't look like a shadow when viewed through a hole)
6" Machinist Rule
Bucking bar from A&P school days
3/32" Clecoes - 300 (Aircraft Spruce)
1/8" Clecoes - 200 (Aircraft Spruce)

Friday, June 8, 2007

The blog begins...

Build hours: 0
A friend and I have decided to build two Hummel Ultracruiser ultralights. The plans have been purchased and reviewed. The shop is being updated and cleaned and materials for the bulkheads has been purchased. Hopefully, pictures of the build progress will follow shortly! In the meantime, I have posted a few pics of the Ultracruiser (UC) and prior projects.

Hummel UltraCruiser Prototype

Kolb Firestar I (current ride)
Titan Tornado I (prior project)

Pegasus Quantum 503 (last trike)