Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tools Used

Tool List Updated 8/29/2007
Hand Tools:
14" Andy Snips (Malco MC14N - this size is really needed on the .040 matl)
10" Tin Snips (Wiss)
10" Fine File
Countersink - small hole deburring and rivet countersinking
(100 degree required for AN countersunk rivets)
( 120 degree for Cherry-Lok countersunk blind rivets)
Deburring Tool - large hole deburring
Homemade 48" Leaf Brake
Homemade 17" Heavy Duty Leaf Brake
Dead Blow Hammers (Harbor Freight)
Cleco Pliers
Power Tools:
Drill Press
Dewalt 12V Drill
Band Saw - cut out bulkhead forms, could have used jigsaw
JigSaw - cut out bulkhead forms
Belt Sander - cleanup bulkhead forms
Air Tools:
Air Nibbler - rough cut inside bulkhead patterns
Air Riveter for blind rivets - Harbor Freight
Air Drill - good for tight spaces
Air Angle Drill - good for tighter spaces
Air Hammer - can be used for riveting on the cheap
(A model with 3000 bpm or less should be used)
Rivet Gun - ATS 2x from Aircraft Spruce
(because I want to be a REAL airplane builder:))
1/8", 3/16", 1/4" drill bits
Unibit/Step Drill
1 1/4" hole saw
1 1/2" hole saw
6" Vise
2" C Clamps - 16+
4" C Clamps - 4+
Batting gloves
Sharpie Ultra Fine Pens
(Red shows up the best, also, it doesn't look like a shadow when viewed through a hole)
6" Machinist Rule
Bucking bar from A&P school days
3/32" Clecoes - 300 (Aircraft Spruce)
1/8" Clecoes - 200 (Aircraft Spruce)

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