Friday, June 22, 2007

Bulkhead templates prepared

Build hours: 4
So it has been a few days since the last post. No, we haven't given up already! The bulkhead templates have been copied, cut and pasted to poster board to create a firm template. It was a real treat to create individual bulkheads out of the plans which have all the bulkhead outlines intertwined on 2 pages. In the hopes to document each step I will attach some pictures.

Also, after debating to buy or build some type of bending brake with shop space at a premium and budget to consider, I took a shot at building one. The 48" brake was built from red oak 1x4s, a piano hinge and a piece of steel angle from Lowes for approx. 40$. The brake bent a 45" piece of 2024-T3 .016 with no problem. The brake appears to be suited for the task.

Coming soon - bulkhead forming...

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