Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wing Center Trims

Build Hours: 917

The trims are a real challenge. We can't decide if we should admire Morry (the designer) or shoot Morry for creating these nice fairings. They are a real metal working challenge and we are still working on the front trim.

Plan Note: The plans indicate 6061-T6 for all of the trims. The front trim requires too much stretching to made from 6061-T6 IMHO. My hat is off to you if you made your trim from 6061!. We are trying 6063-T52 from Lowe's right now and Rick has had some success wrestling it into shape. We may have to back down to 5052-T4 or 3003 from Spruce/Wicks before the trim is completed.

Top Rear Trim

Top Middle Trim

Top Front Trim

Bottom Trim Installed

Top Trims Installed

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