Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tailsprings, Brakes, Pitot, Throttle

Build Hours: 997
Vacations and summer lethargy has slowed the progress. We have been finishing some of the details that are not covered in the plans. When the throttle and choke assemblies are routed into the engine compartment and the pitot is installed we will be back to the outboard wing sections.

This is a 3/16" plywood seatpan that keeps the spar from digging into the back of the legs.

We modified screen door springs from the Lowes Aircraft Dept. for the tailwheel springs. The springs allow some give if you touchdown with rudder input and with the springs in compression there is less chance of breakage.

This blurry little bracket was riveted in the rib corner of the 3 inner ribs to hold the brake cables in place. It would have been much easier to do this before skinning the wing:)

Example of the brake cable bracket installed. The pitot and static lines will be tie wrapped to the brake cable.

Brake cable entering wing.

This is the right brake.

...and the left brake.

This floor pan allows your feet to rest without sliding to the fuselage center bottom. The heel brakes seem to work well.

This is the parking brake assembly. Rotating clockwise approx. 8 turns will lock the brakes. A doubler was added to help the bulkhead take the brake cable loads.

This is the pitot-static tubes. Spruce sells a similiar setup but we had some 1/4" tube and a lathe sitting idle so...

The throttle and choke control is still a work in progress.

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