Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bulkhead E2, F and corners

Build hours: 37
Bulkhead E2 was cut from .025 2024T3. The bulkhead was cut, trimmed and filed as before. A 1 1/2" hole saw was then used to cut the lightening holes. The tabs were bent forward and the lightening holes were flanged rearward with a flanging die made from particle board. The flanging process created a bow in the bulkhead which should come out when installed otherwise the bulkhead will have to be remade.
Bulkhead corner tabs were made for bulkhead E and installed. Both bulkheads had some oilcanning after all the flanging so before installing the tabs, the bulkhead was C clamped back to the original form. One E bulkhead was completely drilled and clecoed before riveting and the oilcanning remained. The other was drilled, clecoed and riveted one corner at a time an exhibited almost no oilcanning. The 040 for bulkhead F was rough cut and the rudder and elevator holes were cut with a 2" hole saw. Scrap one piece of .040 when I pulled out the 2 1/8" hole saw! The .040 was tough to cut even with the 14" Andy Snips, luckily there is not a lot of .040 or thicker components!

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