Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bulkheads B-E

Build hours: 31
Bulkheads B through E and a second set of A-E were completed in the same manner as bulkhead "A". Tabs on curved areas of the bulkheads will not lay flat when bending. This was disconcerting at first but most of the tabs will be at some angle less than 90 degrees to match the skin. Tabs needing to be at 90 degrees or more will need fluting or shrinking. Next is to had the bulkhead corner tabs and control guides before moving to the beam.
Plan Note:
In preparation for cutting out E2 it was noticed that the bulkhead template specifies .016 material but the layout on Sheet 0 shows the bulkhead on the .025 sheet. A quick email response from Hummel indicated the bulkhead could be .016 to .025 - builders choice. We chose .016 2024T3 because of the strength and weight savings.

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