Friday, August 3, 2007

Vertical Stab,Skin Patterns

Build Hours: 82
The vertical stab blank was cut from .020 6061. The vertical flanges were made in the bending brake and 3" flanging pliers were used to bend the top tab. The vertical stab doublers were cut from 6061 .025 and formed in the brake. The vertical stab hinge doublers were cut and match drilled. This was completed for both UCs.

Plan Note:
The length for the vertical stab does not include the 5/8" tab. The plans could use more detail around the vertical stab. The information is all there but it requires coalescing information from 3 different drawings.

Patterns were made for skin E-F and D-E. The long edge of a sheet of poster board was taped to the lower stringer with 4 1" strips of masking tape and wrapped over the top stringer. Another piece was overlapped on the lower stringer 3/4" taped and again, wrapped over the top stringer. The top overlap was taped with a 2" wide strip of masking tape. The flange edges were marked on the inside of the poster board. The poster board was then removed and trimmed to shape.

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