Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And the skinning still continues...

Build hours: 117
This shows both sides of C to D installed, the C bulkhead bracing removed, and the B to C skin in place. Notice the level. Siderail levelness was checked many times to make sure that no twist in the airframe was being introduced.

C to D skin:
The C to D skin is easier to work in 2 halves. On the large skin, a slight adjustment on one edge can make a big difference in alignment on the other edges.
Plan Note:
The C bulkhead edge has to be notched to allow for the change of angle going forward. The plans do not indicate the number, placement or depth of notches. After looking at the factory skin picture, it appeared to be notched at the bulkhead tabs and again in the center of each tab. The notches need to be 1/2" to 7/16" deep. To shallow and the B to C skin will gap, to deep and the notch bottom will not be covered by the B to C skin.
B To C skin:
Three braces across the beam were used so that ratchet straps could be used to pull up the B to C skin. This allowed the skin to be positioned while remaining tight against the bulkheads, making sure the notches were covered. The joint on the C bulkhead does not lay as tight as the other overlaps so far but is acceptable. (There are several areas on the UC that only another builder would be able to appreciate the workmanship and this is one of them!) Wood strips and spring clamps were used to make sure the compound curve that occurs in the skin on the siderail was not getting out of hand which would cause ripples.

Finally, a saddle was made from the B and D bulkhead for fuselage support as the A to B skin pattern is prepared.

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