Monday, October 22, 2007

Engine compartment completed

Build hours: 244

Both engine compartments are riveted up and ready for the engine cover. The lower engine baffle and braces are under the skin for a smoother look. The nose cowl hole and slot is flanged and the engine cover will lay flush on the nose cowl ledge. The nose cowl will not be riveted until the engine can be test fit and the oil cooler baffle can be installed. Plan note:Our next step is to flush rivet every other hole on the side rails back to bulkhead "B" and add the angles to the bottom of the fuselage before retiring to some tail work!

Plan note:

We intended to flush rivet every other rivet on the siderails between bulkhead "A" and "B" per the plans. The plans do not mention the need to countersink the rail holes so that the skin can be dimpled for the flush rivets which would need to be done before installing the rail! (The catchall plan note is - prior building experience is required!) With only the rivets in the C to D skin needing removal, we could have accomplished the countersinking. However, a call to the factory suggested using the universal head rivets and then relieving the tank cover skin for those rivets. This is simpler and allows the entire rail to have a 1" rivet pattern showing.

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