Saturday, April 24, 2010

Building Ends, Flying to Begin!

Build Hours: 1263
Both UCs are complete as much as a homebuilt ever will be.
The 32hp UC on the left has flown but the pilot was suffering sensory overload.
A full flight report will be posted in the future.

Rick's Panel

Below the panel - Notice the parking brake nob, heel brakes and absense of clutter around the feet.

Charles' Panel

Rick's 37 hp Cassler Engine with Slick mag, 54X22 Tennesse prop, 3250 static rpm with 175 lbs thrust. Both engines are instrumented with oil temp, oil pressure and a Tiny Tach.

Charles' 32 hp Cassler Engine with Fairbanks-Morse Mag, 52x22 prop, 3050 static rpm with 140 lbs thrust.


  1. Congratulations guys, finally a finished plane, I can only imagine you are both excited. Looking forward to the flight report. I am also looking forward to the chance to video. Still up for any computer assistance I can help with.

  2. Looks great, you guys have inspired me to keep going on my own UC project. I will finish it one day, I hope it looks half as nice as yours.

    The Louisiana Boys
    Albert Delahoussaye

  3. Congratulations! I've enjoyed watchiing you progress. It has been educational. Any more reports or are you having too much fun flying?

  4. Hi!

    Nice planes! I like this picture:

    Do you have bigger file of it? If you have, would it be possible you to send it to my email. janne161(at)

    1. Clicking the picture should give you a larger version and there are 1 or 2 closeups. Ask again if you do not see what you need.