Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Panel, Vents and more...

Build hours: 521
The tanks held 5 gallons with breathing room and DID NOT LEAK!

Ventilation is provided by two 2" snap vents. The vents do not close but very little air comes in in the down or back position. The vents do a good job at directing the air to the face or torso - we used the air compressor to check.

The instrument panel was made from .040 6061 per the plans which makes a very light panel. The panel was flanged to stiffen it and Cessna style shock mounts are used to mount and isolate from the airframe. A gap was left around the panel to allow it to move on the shock mounts.

Seatbacks were formed so that all of the square tube bending would be completed.

The fuselage is leveled laterally and longitudinally and a solid reference is mounted to align the wing spar.
The level was on sale at Sears for 25 bucks. Its very handy and builds your confidence in the accuracy of a bubble level.

Preparation for the big cut. A line is drawn across the bottom of the fuselage, 14" from the back of the B bulkhead and one down the centerline to align the pattern on.
Plan note:
Call Hummel to get an Autocad drawing of the pattern if you didn't get the kit and consider moving the line back if you a big fella!

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