Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Control horn and tailwheel welding

Build hours: 396
After two evenings and a full Saturday, we have finished the rudder control horn, tailwheel drive on the bottom of the rudder control horn and the tailspring with tailwheel. A 3/16" rod was inserted through the rudder control horn and hinge brackets to align the pivot points. Hopefully the welding will be completed this week and some pictures of the completed and painted brackets will be posted.
Plan note:
1) There is not much clearance above the tailspring for the tailwheel drive at the bottom of the rudder post so plan the tailspring bracket welding carefully or the rudder travel will be limited.
2) The drawing for the tailwheel bracket is so wrong! Could Hummel not make some updates to there website with a few new notes? The arms are not long enough for the 4" tailwheel and do not provide enough clearance for the tailcone so don't waste the metal! We lengthened the arms and added a down angle that provided an additional 1" of tailcone clearance.

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