Monday, November 12, 2007

Horzizontal Stab Spar

Build hours: 281
The patient has been moved to a clean room environment for appendage attachment.

Actually, we were getting tired of seeing our breath when working in the unheated shop so a 12x16 enclosure was arranged with a 5400W electric heater so that we can work in comfort through the winter months. Each UC will be positioned through the enclosure as needed. The fuselage has been clamped level across the rails so that the stab can be aligned without worrying about the fuselage moving even though we still do a paranoid check regularly:)
The tail spar was built and bolted to the inboard ribs. The 1x2 is used to stiffen the spar in the fore and aft direction while positioning the outboard rib and preparing for the skin. A prop protractor was set for the -3 degree incidence angle and used to check the angle from the inboard to the outboard end.
The plans reference the dimension from bulkhead "F" to the rear of the stab spar as 2 3/4". When ours came out to 3 1/4" we were "concerned". A call to the factory confirmed that the 3 1/4" measurement was correct and that the 2 3/4" measurement was based off of the center of the inboard rib rear bolt hole instead of the bulkhead!
Also, an AN-6A bolt was substituted for the AN-7A bolt called for the rear hole on the inboard rib. The AN-7A would have bottomed in the nutplate without too many additional washers.

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